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Your Private Invitation
To An Exclusive 1 DAY ONLY Live Trade-a-thon
Worth $10,000…
However, Greg is celebrating his
27th year anniversary with you with
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$10,000 Value

WHEN: Thursday, 21st July 2022
LIVE Trading the European Session Begins: At 2AM (ET) until 4AM
LIVE Trading the New York Session Begins: At 9AM (ET) until 11AM
LIVE Trading the Asia Session Begins: At 9pm (ET) until 11pm

6 Hours and 3 trading sessions  of Live Trading with Dr. Gregory McLeod A.K.A. Dr. Pips

Attend 1 or Attend ALL 3!

WHERE: Virtual Zoom Room

Your Host
Dr. Gregory McLeod
“Discover How To Make MORE Sales With Less Time Selling”

Hey Ya’ll…

So I’m gonna cut right to the chase…

This will NOT be your typical boring webinar…

I’m not going to teach you a bunch of theory and what if stuff during this 1 Day Immersion…

What I am going to do is let you sit in on my live market trading and learn how to trade sitting right next to me. This way you can watch and learn how to trade without being stressed out… I know, sounds strange, but trust me on this…

For those who don’t know me, my name is Dr. Gregory McLeod & over the past 27 years my students and I have made millions of dollars trading the financial markets. I have had as many as 400 trades without a loss.

I’ve also taught this to hundreds of successful traders who were all in search of increasing their winning percentage and entry accuracy over 85%


What do I do?

And how do I make MOST of my money in a volatile market?

Because ‘ENTRIES” based on what you see will always make you late to the market

A price move that we see up or down is already being reversed by Smart Money normally just to reverse and take your money.

AND “the opposite move” just means that Market Makers are STOP HUNTING before they take it higher.

So, how do you recognize a STOP HUNT retrace versus a REVERSAL so you can USE the STOP HUNT to your ADVANTAGE to get a better entry to MAXIMIZE your profit. …?

I will be teaching and showing this firsthand during our live trading session…

BUT, firstly, this is not about guessing or using complex indicators…

Or gambling and shooting from the hip… I hate that way of trading!

Truth is…

I don’t like guessing where to enter a trade, waiting for a long time and not knowing where to exit…

It makes me nervous and I freeze up…

Then usually waffle and make the wrong decision…

I pretend that I know what I’m doing..

But really, I know that the trade is doomed before I even enter..

I have decision issues

I don’t like over committing

I don’t want to lose money so I don’t commit to a trade fully. So I used to be late to the entry, see it go in my direction and feel a ton of FOMO (FEAR OF MISSING OUT) me or beat myself up for not taking action

I want to trade as close to a SURE THING as possible

I want my trades to be PROFITABLE FROM ENTRY as soon as I place the trade!

And I’m going to be showing this during the LIVE COMPOUND DAY TRADE-A-THON.

BECAUSE If you’re looking to make l $500, $1000 or $5,000 a day trading, it’s best you have a “pre-trade checklist” set up.

I’ll be showing you mine in detail when you show up to the Live Trading Sessions

In fact, I WILL be walking you through my


– Before The Trade

– During The Trade

– After You Finished The Trade

Schedule Of The Day
  • 2:00AM-3:00(ET) – European/London Session (Pre-Market Setup)/My Market Heatmap
  • 3:00AM (ET) – London Session Open Live Trading #1
  • 4:00AM (ET) – End New York Live Trading Session
  • 5:00AM-8:00AM (ET) – BREAK
  • 9:00AM (ET) – North American/New York Session (Pre-Market Setup)/My Market Heatmap
  • 9:30AM (ET) – New York Open Live Trading #2 –
  • 11:00AM (ET) – End of New York Live Trading Session Debrief & Breakdown
  • 12:00PM-8:00PM (ET) – BREAK
  • 7:00PM (ET) -Asia Open Live Session (Pre-Market Setup)/My Market Heatmap
  • 7:30 PM (ET) – Asia Session LIVE Trading Session #3
  • 9:00 PM (ET) End of Asia Live Trading Session
  • 9:30PM (ET) – Wrap Up


This 1 DAY trading won’t EVER be repeated and NEVER be available for $27 again…
IN FACT, once the first 100 tickets are sold for the LIVE trading day, the recordings will go on sale for $270.
As a LIVE EXCLUSIVE ATTENDEE to the END, you will receive the recordings

$10,000 Value

JUST $27!

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