About Greg McLeod

As a 27-year trading veteran, I am passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom through trading the financial markets like I have with my own family. I was a former teacher with a degree from UCLA. Teaching in the roughest part of Los Angeles. I saw how the right education changed student lives. As a former Currency Analyst and trader coach at the world’s largest Forex firms, I help busy professionals achieve financial freedom by sharing my years as a WALL STREET INSIDER.

Case Study How a Business Owner Turned $2000 into $20,000 in 4 months

Flipping Currencies to Flip Houses

Here’s What People Say

600 pips a day!
Left The Classroom $10,000 Richer
Greg Helps His Clients 100X Their Investment!
From $1200 To $100,000
Up 43% in a Week
My Trading Instantly Began to Change
From Trading Mess to Trading Master
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