London Banker Strategy Blueprint

The London Bankers Strategy Blueprint (LBSB) is a strategy that has been developed to help traders
get expert timing, accuracy and consistency in their trading. It teaches the nuances of bank
manipulation and how to identify and trade it, so that instead of trading against the banks you trade
with them.

The course comprises of video modules which teach the strategy in detail with live trade examples,
Michael’s e-book which outlines the strategy in detail with clear guidelines; as well as 4 weekly
webinars to train further strategy nuances, develop trader competency, and provide feedback,
critique and Q&A on live weekly setups.

After 4 weeks, each trader will have the confidence to pull easy pips out of the market with minimal
drawdown when the strategy is applied, and finally learn to tap into the limitless financial
opportunity that the Forex market offers to us!

Course Information

One-Time Payment



  • London Banker Strategy Blueprint
    • Course Intro/Disclaimer
    • Extreme Pipping Introduction
    • London Open 5m Strategy
    • GBPUSD 1m Strategy
    • London Banker Strategy Blueprint E-book
    • One Minute Cable Scalper eBook
  • Supplemental Trading
    • Training Webinar 1
    • Training Webinar 2
    • Training Webinar 3
    • GBPUSD StophuntTrade
    • 5m Strategy Trade GBPUSD