TopTradr Professional Profile: Gregory McLeod

Currency Strategist, Trader

TopTradr were privileged to interview Greg McLeod, CEO and founder of, a coaching and mentoring company dedicated to helping retail traders reach their goals of turning pro.

Among many others, Greg coached Tracey Anderson; an Australian trader who placed 2nd in last month’s TopTradr competition. With a success story like that, we wanted to find out a bit more about Greg and his path to success.

TopTradr: Greg, Tell us a bit about your background:

GM: I grew up in South Central Los Angeles, the birth place of gang culture, but I knew that education was a way out of the inner city. I graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in English. I then taught middle school and high school English for 15 years. Only later did I enroll in an MBA program.

I first began trading commodities and options, largely soybeans and yen. I continued to educate myself and began trading stock and options, even working briefly with a prop trading firm. I left teaching and traded full time until an opportunity opened up at one of the large retail Forex firms. I worked there for 8 years as a Trading instructor- teaching thousands of students and eventually rose to the position of Currency Analyst.

TopTradr: Tell us about your trading style?

GM: My trading style is breakouts from consolidation.

A favourite mantra repeated by traders is “the longer the base, the higher the race…” This means that the longer the price consolidation, usually the bigger the move either up or down.

Since I scalp, I look for 1:1.5 or better for a risk to reward ratio. I also like trading multiple lots and scaling out of the position to enhance profit potential. I incorporate Elliott Wave Theory, Fibonacci, Pivots Points and Supply/Demand levels.

TopTradr: What are your thoughts on TopTradr as an opportunity for retail traders to turn professional?

GM: I believe the TopTradr contest is a great way for traders to prove to themselves – and to the world – that they have what it takes to be a professional money manager. Unlike other contests which encourage bad habits to achieve outlandish returns, TopTradr created a performance evaluating system that encourages good trading habits that could lead to a long-term sustainable trading career.

To find out more about Greg visit his website, follow him on Twitter @gregmcleodtradr or catch him on YouTube

Soon, we’ll be posting Greg’s Top 5 trading “Do’s & Don’ts”. Greg clearly knows what it takes to make it in the TopTradr contest, so make sure not to miss these 10 trading insights – coming soon to the TopTradr blog.

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