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Greg McLeod is world renowned for being one of the most in-demand Forex Trading Coaches on the planet and arguably has more successful students than anybody else in the industry. Greg specializes in short-term scalping and day trading.

He grew up on the rough streets and gang-infested neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles. Faced with the choice between joinining two rival gangs, red(Bloods) or Blue(Crips), he chose green and took a path that led him to UCLA and to Business School.

Upon graduation, he chose to reach back and help the community he left by becoming and English teacher. With student attention focused on the gang leaders who flashed money and drugs, Greg introduced the world of trading stocks and options into his lessons and tied them into the Los Angeles Times stock market challenge.

Armed with his Pip and Run strategy that he developed in 2003 and drawing on his prior experiences at working for Bank of America, Forex Capital Markets, and a prop trading desk in California, Greg founded Gregory McLeod Research Analytics, LLC.(GMRA, LLC) Which is a financial research and education company aimed at empowering and training busy entrepeneurs to capitalize on the cyclic moves of the markets.